queefing demons

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its a bot/porn thing

go figure but why

fuck now I need bleach to clean up my Skype


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About the death/drama as character development thing. I think the reason it upsets people is that it's often highly exaggerated/imbalanced, and the dead/lost characters have no depth or meaning except being dead/lost. I mean in real life, loved ones die, or leave, or disappear all the time, and that screws people up, that's something many people carry with them forever. So there's truth to the trope. As long as you do it mindfully, maybe minimally, I think people will accept it.

ASKED BY justyouraveragehaggis.

Thank you for the input. <3

I’ll bare your guys’ words in mind for my writing.

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Uh, blondeamyz643 I’d love to add you on Skype but I need to know who you are first

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Well here’s my first take on the new femmebot, Strongarm, for the new animated series of Transformers Robots in Disguise (seriously why that name? There already was another animated RID 10 years ago and an ongoing comic with same name).

Nice to see a new non-skinny female bot that transforms into a truck instead of a bike or a small car. And after seeing the debut trailer I am very looking forward for the new series.

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Nefertimon for another article lmao

Also one of my favorite Digimon

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So, this femme-bot could have been in Age of Extinction. Possibly could have transformed into a Zonda, and was a part of Lockdown’s crew.

Working name was Widow Maker.

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